Snug Shelving Itenary

I have four bookcases in my room – one even twice as large as the others, so rounding up to five might be fair. I keep a lot of different books around for a lot of different reasons. Some I love, some I used to love, some I still keep coming back to. There are some that I have never gotten around to reading even after years, and at this point I suppose it’s likely that I never will.

I’ve stayed in a couple different college dorms, and all of them have had a desk for each occupant, with varying degrees of accommodating shelvature. Regardless of what I’m given, I definitely plan on maintaining a little bookshelf in my dorm next year.

I can find it very soothing to make little lists of the books I know I either mean to acquire or bring with me onwards into my adult life. I thought it would be equally soothing to flesh out that list on this blog, so I’m giving it a try.

  • Harry Potter (The only copy I have separate from the Very Fragile Paperback Set of the household is the Sorcerer’s Stone, so I dream of acquiring my own box set? Fresh, new, and intact.)
  • Books by Tamora Pierce: my Song of the Lioness Quartet, and the Trickster’s Choice/Queen Duology. My copies of her other books will be in safe hands with Benjamin.
  • Books by Malinda Lo: Ash, the lesbian cinderella that fills my heart with joy, and Huntress, the somehow even gayer super-pre-quel.
  • Books by William Gibson: Pattern Recognition, Neuromancer, the collection of short stories Burning Chrome. Count Zero will probably end up tagging along.
  • Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo, only those are both Large Hardcovers so we shall have to see!
  • Evolution by Stephen Baxter. And probably the other books I have of his (Flood, Ark, Stone Spring) if I don’t get around to reading those. Because I want to get around to reading those. But they’re not as important to me as these other books, to be on my Important Book Bookshelf
  • Books by Tolkien (you all knew this was coming): a LoTR box set of my very own, with the Alan Lee watercolor covers, one of those adorable amazing tiny little editions of the Hobbit, and… I can’t believe I don’t have my own copy of the Silmarillion yet. At least I bought one and gave it to Alex so that she could not read it? Also, if Benjamin lets me snag his copy of Unfinished Tales.
  • Ender’s Shadow, of course! And Shadow of the Hegemon, (quite possibly accompanied by Ender’s Game itself, although that’s less of a given.)

That’s all I can think of! But it’s quite possible that something has slipped my mind, so… suggestions are welcome? I’m 99% sure that commenting is a thing one could Do.


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